Brandbowl: Five Best Superbowl 2011 Ads

posted by Lauren on February 7th, 2011

The Super Bowl has come and gone, and instead of playing Monday Morning Quarterback, I’m playing Monday Morning Creative Director.

Some argue that the spots were the best ever, others say that many fell flat (Skechers with Kim Kardashian – what a mess!). I think a few memorable spots did a great job of delivering┬áthe message to the viewer in a funny or touching way.

Here’s my Top Five – not necessarily in order:

Bridgestone: “Reply All”

Coca-Cola: “Borders”

Hyundai: “Anachronistic City”

Bridgestone: “Carma”

VW: “The Force”

If YouTube views count, The Force wins by a landslide.

And Kudos to The Richards Group for two spots in my top five!

So, which was your favorite?

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9 Responses to “Brandbowl: Five Best Superbowl 2011 Ads”

  1. Rina Hatcher Says:

    The force is my favorite, although Coke’s Borders spot and the Bridgestone Carma spot were great – all three had me smiling, and laughing loudly in some cases.

    Great top five!

  2. Heather Parker Says:

    These are all great – I’d missed Bridgestone’s “Reply All” ad which is a good one for sure. VW’s “The Force” is definitely my favorite of the night followed closely by Chrysler’s “This is What We Do” Eminem spot (loved the visuals). I see it didn’t make your list though ;)

    Also, I really thought some of the major brands that I always love fell flat this year. What are your thoughts on the worst ads from the Superbowl?

  3. Lauren Says:

    Thanks @Rina.

    @Heather: Well, I was trying to stay positive.. but since you asked: the worst ads in my opinion were:

    1. Skechers with Kim Kardashian: Boring. If it hadn’t been Kim in skimpy clothing, no one would ever have noticed that lame ad.

    2. Groupon Tibet ad: I understand that all publicity is good publicity – and people are definitely talking about Groupon today. But, I found the ad terribly tacky and think both Groupon and Crispin could have set the bar a little higher.

    3. E-trade ads: Just felt a little stale. They were good in years past, but this year, meh.

    Finally, put this in the ads I miss category: I don’t think anyone this year topped last year’s Google Love Story ad. Still so good:

  4. Donny Stiefel Says:

    Hands down favorite was the VW “The Force” commercial. I know that touched a special memory in me from my childhood, trying to “use the force” on everything I could. The kid’s reaction was the best! The Bridgestone “Reply All” was kind of chaotic but funny and I can relate to it also. Beyond that, the commercials this year seemed tacky or lackluster. Doritos really got strange this year.

  5. Lauren Says:

    @Donny: Seems like “The Force” could be the winner of the night.

    The Doritos spots were kinda strange – but maybe that’s in line with the Doritos brand personality! Looking at the USAToday Super Bowl Ad Meter (which as @heywhipple says) is basically a HUGE focus group, people chose the Doritos “Pug Attack” spot as there favorite of them all. What do you think of that?! (

  6. Donny Stiefel Says:

    @Lauren: I Didn’t see the Pug commercial on that page but I managed to find it pretty easily. It was comical, and considering that it was a very low budget commercial I think it packed a nice punch. I didn’t even see that commercial during the game, but it may have been one of the few times I walked away from the TV. Not my favorite, but still funny!

  7. Casey Knox Says:

    My thoughts on your fav :)

    Coca-cola “borders” is fantastic and relevant. I would have liked to seen it taken a step further and the two become friends on Facebook… LOL. They do the best job at connecting consumers to the brand and I walk away thinking about that and other messages. Well done.

    And the VW is great bc we can all relate from our childhood memories. This has been the fan fav for most people on Twitter and around the office.

    Bridgestone “reply all” is amazing and fits with my recent blog posting on email etiquette. It is very clever and I love that it taps into the idea of doing something near impossible- physically stopping numerous people from reading an email. I don’t connect myself to Bridgestone necessarily, afterwords.

    Shamefully, I belive none of them used social integration to keep you engaged and take you online once the commercial ended. Even showing a link to their FB page would have been good at the very least. Was it because they knew you were watching the SuperBowl? maybe. But here we are watching the commercials again and again on YouTube. Case and point.

    Fab job Lauren, this is a fun game/exercise. We need more brandbowls or versions of to compare and list.

  8. Bradford Barker Says:

    Definitely have to go with the VW “The Force” ad. I especially like how the ad was released early to peak interest for those who hadn’t seen it. Plus, I love the brand.

    I agree with your comments about the Groupon ad. I was looking forward to it, but it was a little tactless.

  9. Brian Kelley Says:

    Hope you are doing well. I tried to catch as many commercials as possible, but did miss a few. I wanted to say, maybe it is the “D” in me, but the “Imported from Detroit,” hit a cord and captured some of my favorite images of Detroit.

    I loved the visual reference of “Joe Louis Fist”, my favorite Icon in downtown, and Marshal’s arm at the top of the wheel. As far as visual metaphor’s go.

    Maybe not funny, but hit an emotional tone for this Detroit-er.